Saturday, January 28, 2012

Global Awareness--Haiti

This is a continuing series of posts from recent talks to the student ministry of our church.

The focus last week was on Haiti.


Population:  10 million
Capitol:  Port-au-Prince
Life Expectancy:  61 years
     -Christian:  95%
     -Ethnoreligionist:  2.8%
     -Non-religious:  1.9%

*Source:  Operation World by Jason Mandryk

Challenges for Prayer:
     -Recovery from 2010 earthquake
     -Strength for the Church
     -Healthy economy 

Prayer Illustration:
Haiti grows and exports mangoes.  I asked the students to remember the Haitian people when they saw or ate a mango over the next few weeks.

Compassion's Ministry in Haiti

Compassion's work in Haiti began in 1968. Currently, more than 66,700 children participate in 240 child development centers. Compassion partners with churches to help them provide Haitian children with the opportunity to rise above their circumstances and become all God has created them to be.  To find out more about Compassion's ministry in Haiti, click here.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Global Awareness

Our youth pastor has asked me to share with the students about countries of the world.  He asked me to talk for about 5 minutes, twice a month.  The goal is to increase their awareness of what life is like for those in developing countries.  Although this is not specific to the ministry of Compassion International, it gives us an opportunity to learn, and pray for, others in the world.  I will use this blog to summarize the talk that I give the students in the youth group.  For each country I try to discuss the following:  statistics about the country, people groups, prayer needs, and an illustration to help us remember to pray for the country.

The focus last week was on Afghanistan.

Population:  29 million
Capitol:  Kabul
Life Expectancy:  44 years
Muslim:  99.85%
Non-religious:  0.07%
Christian:  0.05%
*Source:  Operation World by Jason Mandryk
People Groups
Challenges for Prayer
  • Violence
  • Women's Rights
  • Religious Persecution
  • Drugs 
Prayer Illustration
During these cold Wisconsin winter months, I asked the students to remember the people of Afghanistan whenever they used a blanket, quilt, or afghan to keep themselves warm.  
Due to the presence of the United States military in Afghanistan, I also asked that they remember to pray for the protection of our troops as they serve.