Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lifest and Compassion

This weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer for Compassion at the Lifest music festival in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Lifest, and Life Promotions, is a wonderful supporter of Compassion and Lifest is a great venue for sharing the ministry of Compassion. Lifest draws thousands of people, so Compassion has multiple tents with child packets.

I had a great opportunity to meet other sponsors and advocates from around the state and meet with those that I had only spoken with on the phone. It’s great to get together with others that share the same passion for releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

I also had the opportunity to hear from Owen, a former sponsored child, who is now studying at a university in the United States. It was amazing to hear about his life before, during, and after his sponsorship. He shared how he used to search for food in garbage dumps and that he did not have access to clean water prior to his sponsorship. Somehow sponsorship becomes even more real when you hear a testimony like this.

Compassion also has a clean water program where they provide water purification systems that can take bad water (water carrying life threatening diseases and bacteria) and turn it into clean drinking water. Compassion had a purification system at Lifest where we could see the device in action and drink water that had been purified.

I encourage all sponsors and advocates to take the opportunity to work a large festival and share the ministry of Compassion.