Monday, April 30, 2012

Global Awareness--Ecuador

This is a continuing series of posts from recent talks to the student ministry of our church.

This presentation was done by Molly, a youth leader, who has been to Ecuador and was able to share her experiences while visiting the country.  Molly's family sponsors a child in Ecuador through Compassion.  Thank you Molly for sharing from your heart about the needs of the people in Ecuador.


Capital:  Quito
Area:  102,548 square miles
Population:  14.5 million
Religion:  95% Roman Catholic
Life Expectancy:  76 years

Major Exports

-Canned Fish

Prayer Focus
-Pray that those involved in gangs that they would find a positive alternate
-Pray for those in bondage to drugs and alcohol
-Pray for those that have been forced into the sex trade

Prayer Reminder

Ecuador is known for its roses.  Molly asked us to remember to pray for Ecuador when we see roses.